Law to Protect Widowed Homeowners: How You Can Help

Imagine losing your wife or husband, and then facing the prospect of losing your home because of bank and mortgage servicer bureaucracy.

New legislation, introduced in California, Senate Bill 1150, would put a stop to these “red tape foreclosures.”

The bill has already passed out of the Senate and the next stop is the Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance.

If you have 5 minutes, can you pick up the phone and let these elected officials know that you support SB 1150 and you think they should also support stopping unnecessary foreclosures on vulnerable California seniors?

Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance Committee Members

Matthew Dababneh (Chair) Dem - 45:  Call him at: (916) 319-2045
Travis Allen (Vice Chair) Rep - 72: Call him at: (916) 319-2072
Katcho Achadjian Rep - 35:  Call him at: (916) 319-2035
Susan A. BonillaDem - 14:  Call her at: (916) 319-2014
Cheryl R. BrownDem - 47:  Call her at: (916) 319-2047
Ed Chau Dem - 49:  Call him at: (916) 319-2049
Mike Gatto Dem - 43: Call him at: (916) 319-2043
David Hadley Rep - 66: Call him at: (916) 319-2066
Young O. Kim Rep - 65: Call him at:  (916) 319-2065
Evan Low- Dem - 28: Call him at: (916) 319-2028
Sebastian Ridley-ThomasDem - 54 Call him at: (916) 319-2054
Mark Stone Dem - 29: Call him at: (916) 319-2029


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